Owning a motorcycle in the River Region may have many benefits, including leisure, accessible parking, and fuel efficiency. However, Louisiana’s roads can provide more risks to cyclists than any other form of transportation. According to Louisiana Crash Data Reports published by the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, from 2018 to 2019, there was a 10% increase in fatalities in motorcycle fatalities.

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risks of motorcycles

LaPlace motorcycle accidents are inherently more dangerous than motor vehicle accidents for drivers and occupants because riders are not protected by a steel cage surrounding the vehicle. These risks are heightened whenever the rider is not wearing a helmet. Riders are often launched into the air by their cycle when collisions occur. This leaves the body vulnerable to severe impact.

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Types of Motorcycle accident cases

There are several types of cases a motorcycle accident can be classified as, including Lane Splitting, Driver Distraction, Blind Spots, Speeding, Left Turning, Unsafe Lanes, etc. Driver negligence is the primary cause of motorcycle accidents in the United States.

Causes of motorcycle accidents

According to Louisiana Crash Data Reports, alcohol was involved in motorcyclist's death, up 14.3% in 2019. Distracted drivers, physical objects/road hazards, Intoxicated or impaired motorists, and cars turning left are common causes of motorcycle accidents. These causes are important to understand in motorcycle accident cases. If the negligent (at fault) party was under the influence this could increase the value of damages available for recovery. Call our office for more information.

Common Motorcycle accident Injuries

Riding a motorcycle is associated with severe injuries because of the lack of protection against larger vehicles. Injuries can include concussion, brain damage, road rash, joint injuries, biker’s arm, and facial disfigurement. These injuries are some of the most severe injuries you can sustain in a motor vehicle accident; therefore, you should be heavily and fairly compensated for these disruptions in your life. Call Chris today for more information.

Protect & Drive Safely

According to the CDC, helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 69%. Therefore, you should always wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle. Stay aware of your surroundings when near a vehicle. The best way to protect yourself is to drive defensively and follow traffic laws.

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