Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and fall personal injury cases occur when you slip or fall on someone else's property and sustain a personal injury. They can also fall under the broader term premises liability. Slip and fall can be challenging to prove, which is why you need a lawyer with extensive experience to secure your win.

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Common Causes of Slip & Fall Injuries

There can be a wide variety of causes for a slip and fall case. Falls are easier to prove when they are caused by an issue the property owner was aware of. Slips are more challenging to claim but still possible. Because slips can occur due to spilled water, a slick floor, or another temporary reason, it can be more challenging to prove the defendant was negligent. Common causes of a slip or fall case include flooring changes, poor lighting, torn carpeting, a wet floor, broken or cracked sidewalks, and issues with stairwells that cause you to fall. Slip and fall injuries can also occur outdoors due to poor drainage design, ice, or hidden potholes. 

Common types of Injuries

Slip and fall cases can result in a wide variety of injuries. It’s essential to see your doctor after a slip and fall case to discover the extent of potential injuries and prevent further injuries. The most common injuries are leg, arm, and ankle fractures, broken hips or pelvis, limb fractures, torn ligaments, tendons, or muscles.

Responsible Parties in commercial Cases

Winning a slip and fall case requires that you prove that the defendant owed you a duty of care and was negligent. You also have to prove there were physical or monetary damages resulting from the slip and fall and the other person's negligence.

There are three typical instances in which the Property Owners may be liable for causing your injury in a Commercial setting. These include:

  • The owner caused the slippery or dangerous item or surface, spill, worn spot, or torn spot to be underfoot, resulting in injury.
  • The owner knew about the danger but did nothing.
  • A “reasonable” person maintaining the property should have known about the dangerous surface or item and would have discovered, repaired, or removed it. Therefore, the owner should have known and appropriately handled the situation but didn’t.

Responsible Parties in Residential Cases

In residential cases, landlords may be liable for injuries to tenants or other parties.

  • The landlord was in control of the situation, and it would not have been unreasonably expensive or difficult to fix the issue which caused the slip or fall.
  • Not fixing the condition could foreseeably result in a severe injury.
  • The injury was a result of the landlord's failure to take reasonable steps to resolve the situation and avoid injury.

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